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From the perspective of business owners
all taxes are expenses.


If you want to know what you're worth
ask your friends, not an accountant.


Who fails to plan, he plans to fail.


Law is a bottomless pit.


Find out the truth!


An expert is a person who has seen all the
mistakes that can be done in one industry.


Bicom d.o.o. Zenica

"All of our expectations in terms of respect for us as a client, way of doing business, quality  service, kindness and helpfulness of the employees are fullfilled, which was confirmed by a long business cooperation and our satisfaction as users of accounting services. "

Davor Bačić
Bicom d.o.o. Zenica

Yield d.o.o. Sarajevo

Since founding the company, in 2007, the Radius followed us and advised at every step of the company development, from having only one employee till current six.
Bookkeeping services are done professionally and carefully. People from Radius even accustomed us to all legal obligations, which are now everyday operations for us. I must commend their up to date notifications of new rules and laws, and prompt responses to our inquiries.

Radius also proved itself as experts regarding following issues:

  • VAT,
  • various taxes,
  • Employee engagement .

For the company as ours, where we are not familiar with accounting, we're glad to have a partner as Radius to support us in this part of business.

Zlatko Tanović, CEO
Yield d.o.o. Sarajevo

Azel d.o.o. Sarajevo

“We are very satisfied with the long-term cooperation with the accounting agency "Radius". Bearing in mind the expertise, expediency and courtesy of employees of "Radius", it is our opinion that the existing co-operation can only develop to our mutual satisfaction in future.”

Admir Arnautović
Azel d.o.o. Sarajevo

Geosonda d.o.o. Zenica

"We rate our business cooperation extremely fair, high quality and professional. We emphasize that the Radius d.o.o. Zenica is structurally well-organized and has high quality and skilled staff who can please even the most demanding customers. Hereby we especially commend Radius employees for their speed and accuracy in work as well as their kindness, which contributes to the positive results of working together.

On the basis of our experience and all mentioned above, we can recommend the “Radius” bookkeeping services to others."

Borislav Pejčinović, direktor
Geosonda d.o.o. Zenica


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