You run an organization that is large enough to have its own internal accounting, you independently prepare financial reports, keep tax records and everything else that is prescribed by various laws.

However, you see that something is missing – and that is timely, accurate and appropriately processed information that can be obtained from that raw set of data found in bookkeeping, which can be vital to you. For example, you lack an overview of the operations of business units, an overview of overdue receivables and liabilities, the exact cost of products, an analysis of sales of your products or goods by customers, etc.

You see that you have accounting software, maybe special commercial software next to it – but they are not bound and therefore you have double data entry. In addition, you keep some records “manually” in various excel spreadsheets where you waste hours and days to produce a particular report, but you are essentially just rearranging existing data in the accounting software.

The Radius team, together with our network of external collaborators (engineers, lawyers, etc.), can help you transform your accounting system into an accounting information system that will give you information relevant to your business, in the form of reports you want and as often as you deem necessary.

We will help you organize your bookkeeping, various databases, software and employees as a single system that, in addition to legal, performs another very important function – providing valid and timely information to management for daily and strategic decisions.

The system thus becomes more efficient and cheaper, because it eliminates unnecessary actions, saves time and establishes the necessary procedures.


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