About us - Radius d.o.o.


From the perspective of business owners
all taxes are expenses.


If you want to know what you're worth
ask your friends, not an accountant.


Who fails to plan, he plans to fail.


Law is a bottomless pit.


Find out the truth!


An expert is a person who has seen all the
mistakes that can be done in one industry.

About us

Radius is a company with limited liability formed in 1991 and its core business are accounting services, tax consulting, finance, education and business consulting.

During its development the company profiled as a reliable partner for many clients from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad and it became known for its quality and timely services. Radius gives an effort to always provide its clients more than expected.

The team that provides these services consists of full-time employed professionals and a network of external experts from different fields (law, computer science, etc.), who with their knowledge, skills and innovation can contribute to the success of clients.

Development strategy for the company is directed towards continuous research of clients’ needs on one side, and acquiring new knowledge and skills on the other, providing a result of continuous innovation of services and raising their quality.

Radius has considerable experience in working with various industries (manufacturing, construction, trade, services, etc) and has good contacts with financial organizations, professional associations and other institutions.

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