Many entrepreneurs believe that the only key to business success is in a large customer base and realized sales, while accounting is very low on the priorities of most entrepreneurs. However, this is the difference between successful business people and those who have less success. The logic that accounting is not part of a profit-making firm is clear and understandable.


Tax advisory services.

One of the most important challenges in today’s business is the complex tax system through which every company must navigate. Taxes extend through various levels, local, cantonal, entity, state and finally international.

The more complex the company’s business, the more demanding the tax network and the greater the tax risk.



In short, an audit of financial statements is a process of examining financial statements that aims to provide an opinion on whether those statements objectively and truthfully, on all material matters, present the condition of assets, equity and liabilities, business results, cash flows and changes in equity in accordance with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards and other relevant regulations.


Business valuation.

Valuation requires a solid understanding of how the value was created before the valuation date, and how it will continue to be created in the future.

The basis of value assessment is the ability to understand how a company nurtures ideas or concepts that bring value to it and allocates its invested capital, with the goal of achieving returns that exceed the cost of capital.


Accounting information system.

You run an organization that is large enough to have its own internal accounting, you independently prepare financial reports, keep tax records and everything else that is prescribed by various laws.

However, you see that something is missing – and that is timely, accurate and appropriately processed information that can be obtained from that raw set of data found in bookkeeping, which can be vital to you. For example, you lack an overview of the operations of business units, an overview of overdue receivables and liabilities, the exact cost of products, an analysis of sales of your products or goods by customers, etc.


Financial consulting.

The real estate market in BiH is still at an early stage of development. However, as the market gradually opens up to foreign investors, so does the need for services that Radius provides to its clients over the years.

With our network of external associates (lawyers, engineers, architects, etc.), we provide our clients with a unique financial consulting service in real estate development and real estate business.

Every project – be it a residential building, a hotel or an office building – goes through four basic phases and each of them requires quality financial management.