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From the perspective of business owners
all taxes are expenses.


If you want to know what you're worth
ask your friends, not an accountant.


Who fails to plan, he plans to fail.


Law is a bottomless pit.


Find out the truth!


An expert is a person who has seen all the
mistakes that can be done in one industry.



"If you want to know what you're worth, ask your friends, not an accountant."

We organize bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements for small and medium sized companies, nonprofit organizations and state institutions. All this, of course, is done by applying modern computer technology and the latest developments in the profession. Thanks to our experts, our services are constantly enhanced and harmonized with the most recent International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as national regulations.

However, what distinguishes us from other accounting firms is that we do not want just to “transfer” your documents into “figures on paper”. We strive to be your consultant and partner through the appropriate interpretation of your accounting and financial data. Our goal is to become the most profitable and most productive employee you have.

Tax consultations

"From the perspective of business owners all taxes are expenses.”

Your energy should be focused on the development of your company. Our business is to save your energy and money by making optimal payment of all taxes within legal limits. If you spend more time on tax issues rather than on developing markets for your company, and if all of your hard-earned money goes to pay taxes, we are here to liberate free time and save money.

Business Plan

"Who fails to plan, he plans to fail."

Your company has grown and you cannot systematically follow the development?! You have applied for bank loan, but the bank requires you to hand in a detailed investment plan?! You have a new idea and you are interested in its feasibility as well as in its profitability?!

The real answer for you is making a business plan that will cover all parts of your business. Market research, competition analysis, projections of costs and revenues based on statistical methods are just some of the parts of a business plan that we able to provide you. Our experience in business development of our clients  guarantees the quality of our services as well as understanding the concept of making a business plan.

Company Valuation

"Find out the truth!"

You have decided to sell or buy a company, or merge with competitor. You need the exact value of the company that is subject of sales / merger?

Practice on the Bosnia and Herzegovinas market is that the accounting value of the company is taken as the most reliable and relevant. However, truthfulness of accounting data may be questionable. Besides book value of the firm method, we also offer other methods of valuation of the company, such as discounted future cash flows, liquidation value. These methods give a different perspective and give you a better basis for making your strategic decisions.

Do everything you can to find out the truth before making a final decision.

Legal Services

"Law is a bottomless pit."

Our clients in addition to accounting and financial services also need legal advice. Realizing this need of our clients we have established a legal team that can provide the following:

  • Preparation of employment contracts and copyright agreements,
  • Preparation of the Statute and any other statutory legal acts,
  • Collection of bad claims,
  • Advising on a merger, acquisition, sale or closing of businesses,
  • Other commercial legal services.


"An expert is a person who has seen all the mistakes that can be done in one industry."

Each company's most important resource is human resource, and therefore the ongoing education of management and employees is one of the essential conditions for its successful growth and development. If you want to be always up to date with the latest developments and information related to taxation, finance, accounting, audit, cost management, capital markets and other related fields, we offer you:

a) Basic educational programs such as:

  • Basics of commercial, business and tax operations,
  • Fundamentals of capital markets - as well as making business on the Stock Exchange.

b) Special education programs customized to the client in accordance with its specific requirements. Be aware of the value of human capital; educate yourself and your employees.

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